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The Proper Way To Build A List To Start Making $100 to $200 Daily:

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How do you build trust?

“Trust is earned when everyone's interests are considered and respected. Communication is the key to do this." Sheri Levit


In your mind, what do you think is a successful email list?


Do you think it needs to be a massive list of let’s say, 100,000 subscribers!

Or say at least 20,000 subscribers?

Do 500 subscribers sound better to you right now?

Or maybe, just maybe – the size of the list does not matter.

The correct answer is – the size of the list does not really matter. Some people with massive lists may get sale after sale, while others make hardly any sales.

The Bottom Line Is – Having A Good Relationship With The People In

Your List Along With Being Able To Influence

The People In Your List Determines What Success Means.


Influence is associated with:

Do your subscribers open most of your emails?

 If they open your emails, do they actually read your message or do they open them  up and then delete them?

 Do they actually read what you have to say to them (listen to your advice)?

 Do they purchase your products through your affiliate product link?

 Are they always eager and excited to get your emails hoping that you have a great product to present to them that they can buy?

 Do they ever express their needs to you through email?

You could have a list of only 200 to 500 subscribers who are eager to get your emails and can’t wait to see what product you have to suggest to them to purchase or you could have a list of 100,000 subscribers who delete your emails as soon as they enter their inbox because they are tired of being hammered with constant sales pitches. They call this “spamming” and not marketing. You need to have a relationship with your email list – and not just send them product after product to buy. If you are searching for long-term subscribers in your email list then you don’t want to send them offers of “junk” constantly or they will lose interest in what you have to say to them.

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What Are The Rules Of A Successful Online Marketer?


Successful Marketers provide solutions to the problems of their subscribers.  You have to make your audience realize that you are really interested in them and their needs.  If you constantly promote products to them – you are “hard selling” and not building a relationship.

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How Do You Build Trust With Your List

You need to make your subscribers learn to like you and you need to convey to them that you really like them!

How Do You Do This

You give them (not sell to them) valuable information or content that will give them a solution to their problems. In order to get money in any business, you have to exchange valuable information or a service to get money! If you have not built your trust with them, they will look for another website or video or whatever they can find that they think will help them better in giving them the solution to their problem. The rule of thumb is that they will need to interact with you regarding your products at least 7 to 12 times before they will be willing to purchase products from you. In other words the people in your email list will need to hear valuable information from you many times before they will take out their credit cards and purchase anything from you.

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STOP trying to make a few sales – and build up a trusting relationship with your email subscribers.  Once they feel like you are trying to help them and not just hard-selling them, they will start purchasing products from you.

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“You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” (Zig Zigler)


Just focus on giving your subscribers value and provide solutions to them instead of just trying to sell them products one after another!



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