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Now That You Have Picked Out Your Niche (Let’s Explore The Tools That You Will Need In Order To Start Building Your List!)

What Tools Will You Need To Start Building Your List?

 Tool No. One:   A Good Reliable AUTORESPONDER

Two Providers That we would recommend:

AWeber    (What does AWeber Have to Offer?)

AWeber will give you a one month trial for only $1.00.

AWeber is easy to use.

They have different types of opt-in boxes.

You are able to use different forms with the same list.

You will be able to conduct split testing.

  Here Is Your Link To AWeber! 

This Is What You Will See When You Get To AWeber:

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What are the features of GetResponse?

This autoresponder is very similar to AWeber

They will let you get started for FREE. (You won’t have as many tools as a paid version, but it will get you started!)

They have training videos and it is pretty simple to use.

 Here Is Your Link to Get Response!


  Here Is What You Will See When You Get To GetResponse:

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Both AutoResponder Services Are Reliable and Well-Known.


Tool No. Two:  HOSTING!

You will not want to use a FREE Hosting Company.

You will need a good reliable hosting company.

 Here is a great Hosting Company!


Their servers almost never go down due to hackers, power outages, etc. Plus their customer service is great. They’re always friendly when they help me with a website issue. The Baby Plan is their best plan. With this plan you will get unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth. The cost for the Baby Plan is around $10 per month –the cost of one meal at an everyday restaurant.

Here Is A Link To Hostgator!

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Tool No. Three:   DOMAIN NAME:


Your customers would not be able to find you without a domain name. It is the address of the Internet World. The name needs to be related to the niche you have chosen and what you are going to offer your clients. Let’s say you have chosen the Paleo Diet Niche: Then you could choose something like: (if it is available). Visitors will know that this is about Pat’s Paleo Diet Tips. Make sure the name you choose is short and easy to remember. It is best to use a .com extension if it is available. A .biz, .net or .org extension is okay to use also but 99 percent of people look for a .com extension, so get a .com if you possibly can. There are two companies that I buy my domain names from and they are GoDaddy and Namecheap. They both have good prices and they are both reliable domain name companies. I would not recommend any other domain name companies to you. Search for coupons on Google for either of these companies. Domains usually cost between $10 to $12 per year but sometimes with a coupon you can get one for $5 to $6.

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A Squeeze Page is the page where you will send your visitors so they can sign up for your email list.

The two basic tools you will need to build a Squeeze Page are:

 HTML Templates OR WordPress Themes

It is better to use WordPress because it will allow you to build a website along with the Squeeze Page.

  • Optimize Press is a good choice for a Squeeze Page Builder. You can also build Membership Sites, Sales Pages, all within the WordPress platform! (Optimize Press is a WordPress plugin)

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It’s a great tool, and is worth your initial investment. You can keep using it for product after product. Another Great Inexpensive Squeeze Page Tool Is Profit Builder which is also a WordPress plugin. If you purchase either of the above plugins, both programs have great tutorials on how to set up the whole system.


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Using a good Squeeze Page Builder Is Important – Because A Squeeze Page Builder Like Optimize Press or Profit Builder converts very well!!.

If you are on a limited budget right now, then here is a free option for a squeeze page that also converts very well!



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If you have a good conversion rate, you will be able to grow your list much more quickly! Oh you ask – WHAT DOES CONVERSION MEAN?  It means the people who visit your list that sign up to your email list!!!!   If you have a 40 percent conversion rate and you send 100 people to your squeeze page – that means that 40 out of 100 signed up to your email list.  Let’s Do A Recap Of The Basic Tools You Will Need To Start Building Your Email List:

  1. Auto-Responder
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting Service
  4. Squeeze Page

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