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How Do We Determine Which Niche Market To Use For Our Online Marketing?

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The next step is trying to see which niche market you want to work with. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what niche you are going to promote. You will need to learn to market a niche that people desperately need help with! Some people may be trying to learn how to make money online to help them with their monthly bills or maybe they are tired of their job. Some may have marriage or dating issues and need psychological help in these areas. How many people do you know who would like to lose more weight? Maybe they have tried everything – all kinds of diets, pills, aids, but nothing seems to work and they just cannot keep their pounds off!

There Are Three Massive Markets That Need Help Desperately

And They Are:



The three most pertinent reasons why we want to use these markets are:

 There are literally millions of people looking for help in these three areas.

 The people looking for help in these three areas are DESPERATE!

 There are literally dozens of solutions to these three areas of problems – with many, many products you can promote.

For an example – let’s take WEIGHT LOSS FOR WOMEN:

Your free gift could be a report explaining a few fat-burning foods that could help speed up their metabolism. You could then promote a product that would give them a complete diet to follow. You then could offer them higher-priced coaching or mentorship programs to give them exercise tips to reduce their stress and give them some relief in their lives.

BUT WE CANNOT USE A “GENERAL NICHE.  There are far too many people searching for “weight loss for women.” You will need to take this further and decide on a sub-niche.

How many weight loss products and diet programs are on the market today?


There are so many different “lose weight” products on the market today!

 Exercise Programs (Pilates Classes, Circuit Training, Yoga and many more!)

 Diets (High-Fat Mediterranean Diet (to lose weight!), The Dash Diet, The Mind Diet and many more!)

 Diet Pills And Diet Aids (over the counter and prescription)

Let’s Start Breaking Down

The “Weight Loss” Niche:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss For Men
  • Weight Loss For Women
  • Weight Loss For Men Over 40 Using Cardio Workouts

See what we are doing here?  We have now broken it down to (“Weight Loss For Men Over 40 Using Cardio Workouts). For guys over 40 who love cardio workouts, then this is for them! This way when you advertise “Weight Loss For Men Over 40 Using Cardio Workouts,” you are targeting a specific group of people. This is the way you pick out a niche. You want the audience you are targeting to feel that the products or services that you are promoting are designed to help them with their problems.  Then they will start to see you as a savvy professional and begin to start trusting in you and your products.  You will have a faithful email list.  

After You Have Picked Out A Niche -

You Will Need To Find A Product To Promote


Here are Two Great Affiliate MarketPlaces Where You Can Choose

An Offer To Promote:

                                  Clickbank Marketplace                    Warrior Plus


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  • Choose Your Niche (Health, Wealth Or Relationships).
  • Take the niche down three notches
  • Make sure that this is a desired market (don’t break it down to the point that you will not have a lot of people looking for it online!)



What Internet Marketing Tools Will You Need To Get Started Once You Have Picked Out Your Niche?


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